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Get to Know WVCTSI

The Get to Know WVCTSI series highlights our team members who bring the Institute's work to life every day. We'll offer a glimpse inside the roles of key people involved in advancing the development of research on the health issues facing West Virginia.

March 2016: Wes Kimble

Wesley Kimble serves as a pilot grant coordinator for WVCTSI. Wes received his master’s degree in public administration from West Virginia University in 2011 and he joined WVCTSI in July 2013. Wes works with investigators as they develop and submit applications for pilot grants to support their clinical and translational research projects. He also provides grant administration support as part of the pilot grants team.

Wes sat down with our communications team to speak about his work and his life outside of the institute.  

What motivated you to work at WVCTSI? 

The work that CTSI is doing with health disparities in Appalachia and West Virginia is very important. I believe that everybody can relate to one of the disparity areas that we deal with. One of these health concerns has often affected someone in their family. It’s important to find ways to deal with these issues or eliminate them all together.

What project are you currently working on?

Right now we have over 60 open pilot projects. However, the main project I’m working on is closing another round of funding. Most of my time has been spent helping folks develop protocols, applications, and going through the process of getting them reviewed.

What do you enjoy most about WVCTSI?

I enjoy working with the people, helping them out, and educating them throughout the process, especially clinicians and people who may have not done an application, but have a good idea and don’t know where to go with it.

What upcoming trends do you see being a major factor in WVCTSI growth?

Addiction in West Virginia is a major problem. There are also some pushes in the government and state legislature to get more funding towards addiction problems because West Virginia is the number one state in addiction. I think it will be one of the hot topic areas moving forward.

What are you passionate about outside of WVCTSI?

I really like the outdoors. I love wrestling. I actually coach different sports for my kids like basketball and baseball.

Would you rather change the past or be able to see in the future?

I would change the past because I think there are a lot events in the past that you would want to change to make things better. I wouldn’t want to look into the future because it’s better not knowing sometimes.

Would you want to be the best at something or fluently speak every language in the world?

I would want to be the best at something. If I could choose, I would want to be that person everyone looks up to for leadership. I typically have an answer for any situation when things seem to be crumbling. I inherently have that ability where I can keep calm and make good decisions.