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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who should use the Clinical Trials Center of Excellence? Those conducting clinical trials at West Virginia University's Health Sciences Campus in Morgantown should register their trials with the Clinical Trials Center of Excellence. Those at other WVCTSI partner sites across the state should continue to work with their institution, although we are happy to collaborate and share ideas and best practices. 
  • I have active clinical trials open to accrual currently; do I need to register them with the Clinical Trials Center of Excellence? Studies that are currently active do not need to be registered. The registration requirement is for new clinical trials that will be active after October 15, 2019.
  • How do I request services?  Both included and optional services can be requested through the WVCTSI service system iLab or by contacting the Center of Excellence.  Optional services can also be requested during the clinical trial registration process.
  • How do I verify if my trial has been registered and approved? Investigators can access the registration system and verify the status of all trials for which they are the Principal Investigators.  Personnel that assist with the registration process can also verify the status of the clinical trials they initiate registration for.   
  • What is the purpose of the fee?The fee provides investigators and their research teams with benefits such as support with OnCore (the Clinical Trial Management System), with regulatory agency (ie. FDA) inspections, with disclosures, provides training, templates and regulatory monitoring to ensure clinical trial compliance. For any trial that has indirect costs (those with Federal or industry funding)  the fee will come out of indirect costs. For projects funded by WVCTSI (such as those led by WVCTSI pilot grant recipients or WVCTSI Research Scholars), the fee will come from WVCTSI funds.
  • Where is the Clinical Trials Center of Excellence located? The main office for the Clinical Trials Center of Excellence is located in Suite G151, on the ground floor of the Erma Byrd Biomedical Research Building on WVU's Health Sciences Center campus. 

If you do not see the answer to your question(s) above, please email Lisa Prowroznik at for assistance.