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PI Academy Idea Lab

Dr. Sonikpreet Aulakh, Translational Neuro-Oncology, assistant professor of medicine in the section of Hematology-Oncology and Departments of Internal Medicine and Neurosciences at WVU, will present at the upcoming Principal Investigator (PI) Academy Idea Lab on December 1. Dr. Aulakh will present on the research of high-grade gliomas such as Glioblastomas, diffuse midline gliomas are fatal cancers of the brain. Current upfront multimodality therapeutic approaches not only fail to cure these aggressive CNS malignancies but do not extend survival beyond 2 years in most cases. With the inevitable recurrence and several inherent as well as treatment induced resistance mechanisms in these cancers, it is prudent to develop innovative clinical studies to help these patients especially in the Appalachian region as the reported prognosis is more dismal. 

This event will take place Wednesday, December 1 from 4 to 5 p.m. Anyone interested in attending should RSVP here to receive an invite. Remote connection is available. The PI Idea Lab is also seeking presenters. Anyone interested should reach out to Debbie Lee at