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Community Education and Outreach offers services relative to each step in the research process.

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Provide support for evidence-informed decision making

  • Identify and disseminate best practices for engaging rural providers, clinics, or other communities of practice in practice-based research and in the translation and adoption of evidence-based strategies.

Connect investigators, clinics and communities

  • Provide opportunities for bi- or multi-directional communication among community members, healthcare providers, and researchers for pilot projects
  • Facilitate identification of clinic based needs/issues
  • Provide guidance on partner engagement strategies
  • Connect researchers with provider and lay partners for community-engaged research
  • Connect providers, clinics, and other communities of practice with researchers with appropriate interests, credentials, and experience to address practice- and community-based knowledge gaps
  • Organize local forums, town hall, etc. to assess community needs, identify local resources, and establish feasible goals to improve overall health.
  • Facilitate teams of community members to assist researchers in all development stages of a study design or intervention

Study design and implementation

  • Work with project teams to develop trial design/protocols acceptable and feasible for community- and practice-based research
  • Provide guidance on site and participant recruitment and study follow up
  • Provide guidance to develop strategies for data entry and database development suitable for community- and practice-based projects
  • Facilitate discussion on data sharing among research and community partners
  • Provide guidance on electronic communication and data management systems for community-engaged research Generate epidemiological questions that have policy and practice relevance for community-identified health priorities and disparities
  • Develop sustainability strategies based off of successful strategies and programs to make a lasting impact
  • Provide community input and insight on research concepts and design to increase outcome impacts

Technical assistance and training

  • Conduct training in community-based participatory research (CBPR), knowledge translation and dissemination, and cultural sensitivity, among other topics that would facilitate collaborations, for communities, healthcare providers, and researchers
  • Provide guidance on community engagement and knowledge translation
  • Work with providers, communities, and project teams to identify funding opportunities for community-based/practice-based research
  • Work with project teams to develop community-based/practice-based pilot project proposals
  • Provide research capacity assessments to measure a community's readiness and ability to gather, assess, and use research-based evidence in efforts to improve healthcare practice

Dissemination of research results

  • Provide guidance in developing study/project reports appropriate for community and practice partners/audiences
  • Participate in publication development
  • Provide guidance on community based venues for dissemination of research results Increase awareness of research findings in the state to inspire other communities to implement and tailor useful knowledge and strategies
  • Increase awareness of research findings in the state to inspire other communities to implement and tailor useful knowledge and strategies