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Funded Projects

Collaborative Grants

  • Laura Lander, MS (WVU) Richard Egleton, PhD (MU)- "Using exome sequencing approach to enhance the treatment of pregnant women with opioid use disorder and their neonates"
  • Michael Brumage, MD (CAMC) Brittany Canady, PhD (MU)- "Resilience Training for First Responders in the Opioid Epidemic"
  • Brittany Riley, PharmD (MU) Erin Winstanley, PhD (WVU) - "Technology-Assisted Prescription Opioid Safety Education (T-POSE)"
  • Tony Liu, PhD (MU) & Paul Lockman, PhD (WVU) - "Hypomethylating agents in treating brain metastasis breast cancer"
  • Nalini Santanam, PhD (MU) & Paul Chantler, PhD (WVU) - "The role of Cerebral Ischemia on Cardiovascular Risk: The modulating role of adipose tissue"
  • Maple Landvoigt, DO (WVSOM) & Christina Duncan, PhD (WVU) - "Community Childhood Asthma Detection and Barrier Identification"
  • Timothy Long, PhD (MU) & Werner Geldnhuys, PhD (WVU) - "MitoNEET ligands in the treatment of stroke"
  • Sasha Zill, PhD (MU) & Sergiy Yakovenko, PhD (WVU) - "Development of biomechanical tools for rehabilitation and assessment of lower-limb function"
  • Mary LeCloux, PhD (WVU) & Mary Ann Maurer, DO (CAMC) - "A Pilot Test of the ASQ Toolkit in Two WV Primary Care Practices"
  • Salik Hussain, PhD (WVU) Aaron Erdely, PhD (NIOSH) - "Occupational and Environmental Co-Exposures: prospects of novel lung pathologies and drivers of chronic lung disease susceptibility"

Small Grants

  • Cara Sedney, MD (WVU) - "Utilizing stakeholder-centered methodology to modify the TRE-MORE test"
  • Kalpana Miriyala, MD (MU) - "Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Neurobehavioral Outcomes"
  • Melissa Blank, PhD (WVU) - "Electronic cigarettes and smokers' choice to quit"
  • Jung Kim, PhD (MU) - "The central regulation of Lrp1b in the development of obesity"
  • Bingyun Li, PhD (WVU) - "Feasibility study to identify intracellular bacteria in chronic infection patient" 
  • Ubolrat Piamjariyakul, BSN, PhD (WVU) - "Palliative care coaching for family caregivers & patients with rare advanced lung disease"
  • Zachary Zinn, MD (WVU) - "Effect of a nickel free diet and nickel sensitization on GRED patients"
  • Sara Anderson, PhD (WVU) - "West Virginia and the opioid epidemic: the role of schools"
  • Joanna Kolodney, MD (WVU) - "A feasibility study: comparison of Carvedilol with chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone in second line Glioblastoma Multiforme and response of peripheral Glioma circulating tumor cells"
  • Malcom Mattes, MD (WVU) - "Measurement of tumor oxygenation using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance"
  • Harold Roberts, MD (WVU) - "Impact of endocarditis on heart valve surgery outcomes: national and local analyses"
  • Robert Marsh, MD, PhD (WVU) - "Dissecting the vascular anatomy involved treatments for trigeminal neuralgia"
  • Holly Cyphert, PhD (MU) - "The use of bile acids as biomarkers for PCOS"
  • Justin Kupec, MD (WVU) - "Vitamin D supplementation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): do high normal Vitamin D levels reduce the frequency of IBD flares and improve symptoms"
  • Jocelyn Stokes, PhD (WVU-Eastern) - "Feasibility of the Competent Learner Model for parents of children with Autism"

Launch Pilot Grants 

  • Matthew Dietz, MD (WVU) - "Preclinical assessment of an active antibiotic spacer"
  • Han-Gan Yu, PhD (WVU) - "Specific activation of BK potassium channel triggers selective destruction of triple negative breast tumor in vivo"

Open Grants

  • Sophie Ren, MD (WVU) - "A blood sourced strategy treats acute stroke"
  • Michael McCawley, PhD (WVU) - "Comparison of an aerosol dispersion test with standard clinical measures"
  • Shari Steinman, PhD (WVU) - "Development and pilot test of internet-delivered postpartum anxiety prevention"
  • Collin John, MD (WVU) - "Gene Regulators And Cardiovascular health Evaluation in childhood/adolescent obesity study (The GRACE Study)"

Appalachian Translational Research Network Grants

  • Traci Jarrett, PhD (WVU) & Gia Mudd-Martin, BSN, PhD (UK) - "Journey of Hope in Appalachian Youth: Building Youth Resilience" 

(As of Summer 2019)