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WVCTSI Project ECHO is excited to announce that it is now a superhub!

The ECHO model has flourished in West Virginia and becoming a superhub will provide enormous value for not only individuals in the state but beyond its borders as well. WVCTSI Project ECHO has successfully launched within a four-year span and has upheld the core principles of the ECHO model through its practice. With the expansion of our program to superhub status, West Virginia will be on the cutting edge of expanding knowledge and care to populations in need and become a go-to location for training the ECHO model east of the Mississippi.

WVCTSI Project ECHO Superhub Banner image

What is a Superhub?

A superhub is an ECHO partner that is authorized to provide training and technical assistance to new hubs and support them as they grow their ECHO programs.

By replicating the ECHO model™ across the world, millions of more people in rural and underserved communities will be able to get access to the services they need in their own communities. Successful replication requires extensive training of an implementation team. Until recently, the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico was the only location to provide training of hubs. Thus, the concept of “superhubs” was developed so that other organizations, like WVCTSI Project ECHO, throughout the world can also train and support hubs within the ECHO model. A superhub can train future hubs in the ECHO model basics or in specialized areas like Hepatitis C.

Get involved

As one of 24 superhubs globally, one of 14 within the United States and one of only 3 superhubs in the East Coast, WVCTSI Project ECHO provides training and mentorship to programs around the world that are interested in developing a local ECHO hub.

The WVCTSI Superhub Team will be offering Immersion Training twice a month. Our next training will be on February 24 and 25 via Zoom. The exact dates for the fall 2022 training are currently TBD. Look out for announcements on this page if you’d like to train with WVCTSI Project ECHO!

If you'd like to ask us any more questions, please contact the WVCTSI Superhub Team at

To learn more about Superhubs, please visit the ECHO Institute’s page on superhub.