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Editorial Services for Publications

WVCTSI Editiorial Services for Publication: Publication guidance, proofreading, copyediting, substantive editing. Text over an image of hands writing into a notebook with the WVCTSI logo beneath.

The purpose of these editorial services is to assist WVCTSI members with submission of their clinical and translational research findings as high quality manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals. This service is designed to assist researchers in preparing a polished submission for the journal of their choice so that the manuscript is accepted for publication and, in turn, the research findings are disseminated in the scientific literature. In order to achieve success with the publication of research findings, clear and concise scientific writing is needed for effective communication of the study results. Editorial support, which may include proof reading, copyediting and/or substantive editing of the manuscript, is an ideal way to ensure the publication is well prepared for a successful submission. A well written manuscript will enable the research to contribute to the body of knowledge for a given discipline and/or disease that will improve the health of West Virginians and the nation.

Headshot of James Bardes

Featured Editorial Service Publication

James Bardes, M.D., Assistant Professor of Trauma, Acute Care Surgery and Surgical Critical Care with the WVU School of Medicine, 

Available Services

Publication consultation: Assistance to investigators with the publication process (i.e. selecting the journal and manuscript format) and identify the type of editorial service, as needed

Proof reading: Editing provided for spelling typographical and grammatical errors

Copyediting: Editing is provided for sentence structure, formatting consistent with journal requirements, and proofreading

Substantive editing: Editing is provided to improve the clarity and content of the scientific communication with suggestions for wording and formatting, copyediting, and proofreading with journal requirements

How to request services

Request Services

  1. Review eligibility requirements here
  2. Eligible WVCTSI members can request this service though iLab.
  3. When in iLab choose “initiate request” next to Editorial Services for Publications. 
  4. Complete the request form in full; then click “submit”.  -Please do not enter any payment information as this service is currently provided at no cost
  5. Your request will be reviewed and the WVCTSI Editorial Services Coordinator will work with you to complete your request. Our team will work to respond to your request within three business days.
  6. Request for editorial services will be declined if a full draft of the manuscript, including instructions to authors for your selected journal, is not included in the iLab request. Additional information on eligibility can be found here

Want to learn more? Contact Jodie Saunders, professional development senior coordinator, or Joan M. Lakoski, PhD, WVCTSI director of investigator development and co-director of Professional Development Core.