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Mission, Values & Objectives

West Virginia Practice-Based Research Network (WVPBRN) Mission Statement
The mission of the WVPBRN is to improve the health of West Virginians by collaborating with primary care practices to conduct translational practice-based research.
West Virginia Practice-Based Research Network (WVPBRN) Vision Statement
To be a productive practice-based research collaboration that positively impacts the health of West Virginians.

West Virginia Practice-Based Research Network (WVPBRN) Goals
To maintain and grow the WVPBRN by creating and maintaining relationships with researchers, primary care practices, clinical and public health organizations, and clinicians throughout West Virginia.

2016 WVPBRN Goals (PDF)

West Virginia Practice-Based Research Network (WVPBRN) Objectives

1. Conduct, translate, and disseminate practice-based research using the resources of the WVCTSI and its partners.

Activity:  Maintain a forum for members of WVPBRN to communicate research interests, including dissemination of research findings.

Activity:  Implement and maintain an electronic data management system that allows for a secure standard of data collection for all research projects.

2. Grow and sustain a state-wide network of primary care practices for innovative practice-based research that addresses WV health priorities.

Activity: Support scientific and community advisory committees

Activity: Maintain and update a WVPBRN website and list serve that function as an avenue for communication and information dissemination.

Activity: Distribute a periodic newsletter that will display ongoing activities and achievements of WVPBRN.

3. Strengthen the capacity of WV primary care practices, researchers, practitioners, community members and partner organizations to conduct and apply collaborative practice-based research to address priority health disparities.

Activity: Maintain a working relationship with all WVCTSI Schools and outside partners as a source of study design and analysis expertise.

4. Foster collaborations among primary care, clinical, academic, and public health partners to support the network.

Activity: Establish a yearly WVPBRN conference that allows members to participate in research activity development, evaluation and planning.

West Virginia Clinical Translational Science Institute (WVCTSI)
The WVCTSI was created by its member institutions to advance the development of research focused on the health issues facing the people and communities of West Virginia.