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Conflict of Interest and Other Guidelines

  • Faculty named in the WVCTSI Organization (e.g. program chairs and key personnel) are restricted from servicing as PI on WVCTSI pilot grants, and having money directed into their labs or programs. Such individuals may be included on pilot projects in supportive roles (CO-I, mentor, consultants) and may be more involved when pilot projects lead to an extramural proposal.
  • The project lead for pilot projects may not concurrently have research funding from other IDeA program award mechanisms, such as COBRE, INBRE, etc.
  • New pilot projects may not overlap with ongoing pilot projects.
  • Any Principal Investigator submitting a full proposal that has previously received WVCTSI pilot grant funding, or INBRE pilot grant funding must include the following in their appendix:
    • A paragraph that, in layman’s terms, describes how this proposal differs from past funded projects. Please describe if this is a new project, or an extension of past funded projects.
    • Please list any and all publications that resulted from past funded pilot grants as well document any external grant submissions, and results of external grant submissions (funded, scored, not funded). If there are other items that demonstrate the productivity of past WVCTSI or INBRE funded pilot grants please describe them as well.
  • Applicants are encourage to meet with someone from the Pilot Projects Core prior to grant submission.